Science on Stage London: performing The Magic of the Periodic Table


Our show “The Magic of the Periodic Table” (#lamtp), which deserved honours recognition in Ciencia en Acción last october in Barcelona, was selected to attend Science on Stage, a meeting on Science Education being help every two years.

From 17 to 20 June 2015, it is being held at Queen Mary University of London. The #lamtp show is joining other Spanish members who showcase their activities (usually, demonstrative, hands-on) in a Fair that is open to the public on Friday 19 June.

Fernando Blasco, Pep Anton Vieta and Miquel Duran will perform on Thursday 18 June at 5 pm.

To better inform about the show and about the general project “From the Magic of Science to the Science of Magic”, we have set up this postersos-2015-mccm , which can be freely dowloaded.

Presentation of the Meeting to all participants

Here is the short presentation we will hand to all participants in #ecme15 during the first session scheduled for tonight. We will hand also the final schedule and the list of participants.

The meeting will be opened at 8 pm by the Vicerector of Research of the University of Girona, Dr. Jordi Freixenet, the Director of the Cathedra for Science Culture and Digital Communication, Dr. Sílvia Simon, and by the President of the local magicians’ association Evualà, Mr. Jordi Ruiz.

Welcome to the I Meeting on Science, Magic and Education. This is an event organized within a Project financed by Spain’s Foundation for Science and Technoly (FECyT) Projecte FCT-14-9228 “From the Magic of Science to the Science of Magic”. Its purpose is to foster the relationship between mathematical and scientific magicians and the educational world, which is needed to improve the common creative activity and formal structure of the common field of magician, mathemagicians and edumagicians.

The ultimate goal of this meeting is thus to discuss deeply how to best use magic and illusionism to improve science awareness and science culture among citizens. Almost fifty researchers, university and secondary/primary teachers, and amateur and professional magicians having shows based on science principles are gathering – and everyone is interested in providing value to discussions. This is a singular event that also tries to fight pseudoscience and stimulate critical thinking and rational discussion.

The organizers belong to an active research group considering science communication and dissemination as a very valuable asset. From chemical magic to mathematical magic, its members try to improve science capacities of young people and adults, and promote social values linked to reason, criticism and science culture.

We will deal with magic as an educational element in compulsory and postcompulsory nonuniversity levels, targeted to both magicians and educators. We will also deal with magic, illusionism and science: use of science elements in magic performance, and use of magic as a pedagogical element and/or to promote science culture.

We thank financing bodies, especially FECyT, Universitat de Girona and Fundació La Caixa, for their help. And we thank you all for being here.

Thank you for attending this meeting!

Fernando Blasco, Scientic Advisory Board

Miquel Duran, Local Organizing Commitee

Updated schedule for #ecme15

We have updated the schedule for the #ecme15 meeting. Now the Meeting starts at ca. 8 pm on friday 24th. This will allow for more time to travel, and also will make more optional attending the opening of the fair “Ciència entre tots”.

Here yoy may find the updated schedule:


Knowing ECME2015’s Scientific Committee


ECME2015’s Advisory Scientific Commitee is formed by Fernando Blasco as President, and by three persons working in the field of magic, science and education:

  • Mago Xuxo, educator and magician
  • Jordi Camí, neuroscientist and magician
  • Jorge Luengo, educator and magician

Mago Xuxo authored the book “Educando con Magia”. Twitter: Maestro y Mago, autor del libro Educando con Maiga. El ilusionismo como recurso didáctico.

Jordi Camí is neuroscientist, director of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park. Twitter: Metge. Catedràtic Farmacologia UPF. Director del PRBB i de la Fundació Pasqual Maragall ()

Jorge Luengo is illusionist, anchorman and entertainer. Twitter: Premio Mundial de Magia Mago,Ilusionista,Presentador, Conferenciante  y  contact: 

Image: CC-BY Peter Dutton

Kickoff for the 1st Meeting on Science, Magic and Education

Amateur and professional magicians along with educators interested in the intersection between magic, science and education will enjoy a new event to be held in Girona, close to world-famous Costa Brava: the 1st Meeting on Science, Magic and Education.

Various sessions will provide the opportunity to explore improvement of education by means of magic, while innovating in conjuring techniques thanks to advances of science.

This event is coordinated with a regional Science Fair: the second edition of the Fira Ciència entre Tots (Science Altogether Fair), to be held on saturday April 25th.

Please note that thursday April 23th is a special day in Catalonia: Saint George’s Day (Sant Jordi): books and flowers blossom all over the city.

All details may be found in the event website:

This event is part of Project “From the magic of science to the science of magic”, partially funded by FECyT, UdG’s Social Council, and La Caixa Foundation.

Twitter: @magsci #ecme15