Knowing ECME2015’s Scientific Committee


ECME2015’s Advisory Scientific Commitee is formed by Fernando Blasco as President, and by three persons working in the field of magic, science and education:

  • Mago Xuxo, educator and magician
  • Jordi Camí, neuroscientist and magician
  • Jorge Luengo, educator and magician

Mago Xuxo authored the book “Educando con Magia”. Twitter: Maestro y Mago, autor del libro Educando con Maiga. El ilusionismo como recurso didáctico.

Jordi Camí is neuroscientist, director of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park. Twitter: Metge. Catedràtic Farmacologia UPF. Director del PRBB i de la Fundació Pasqual Maragall ()

Jorge Luengo is illusionist, anchorman and entertainer. Twitter: Premio Mundial de Magia Mago,Ilusionista,Presentador, Conferenciante  y  contact: 

Image: CC-BY Peter Dutton

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