Contributing to Wikimania

During this weekend the Wikipedian/Wikimedian community is gathering for its annual event: Wikimania. This is the first time the meeting is fully online.

In response to a call for contributions, we sent a proposal to adapt our magic games and tricks to Wikipedia, Wididata, Wikicommons… It was accepted and assigned to the “On Demand” sections, i.e., as a prerecorded video (anyway, some normal presentations are prerecorded too). We have written the corresponding wiki page:

Title: Magic as an educational and promotional tool of Wikimedia projects


One of the main problems facing by Wikimedia projects is the need of new, young editors – and indeed women, while keeping them active and community-involved. We have come up with a series of magic games involving Open Knowledge tools in general, and Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and other Wikimedia projects in particular. Those games are quite attractive for the general public, and may allow to gain a better insight into the usefulness of becoming an editor in Wikipedia (slightly complex issue) or in Wikidata (much simpler). Q-number play, image games and wordplay examples will be provided, along with an assessment of their likely interest. Fun and mystery are guaranteed, and participants will be able to interact with presenters.

During the recorded video, we perform two classical games adapted to Wikipedia and Wikidata. We think that they may plesae the Wikimedian community!

The purpose of this contribution is indeed to promote Open Knowledge in general, and the Wikimedia projectes in particular. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to attract young editors and women to Wikipedia editing and Wikidata growth. We think that adding a touch of magic (and humor!) may bring some benefits.

Here is the video we recorded:

Thanks to the Wikimania organization for acepting our proposal!