Shapes of the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements is one of the best known pieces of information in our current knowledge system. Furthermore, it is the focus of increased attention because year 2019 was declared the International Year of the Periodic Table.

There is not a “best” shape or form for the Periodic Table, but it is usually depicted in a 18-column arrangement with lanthanides and actinides displayed in two rows outside the main array of chemical elements. Furthermore, recently the Janet arrangement, also known as “left-step” or “physics” Periodic Table, has gained increased interest.

We stumbled upon a website that displays a beautiful periodic table which may be transformed dynamically into other arrangements like helix, grid, or sphere list of chemical elements. We have thus edited the code, based in the three.js framework, to include a long table and a Janet arrangement.


This webpage will likely be updated with further contributions and ideas.

Note added 18/10/2019: new releases of three.js drove this nonfunctional. We have fixed three.js libraries to release 100 (31/12/2018) so everthing works again.