At Festival #spraoi 2018 in Waterford with Calmast

On the week-end of 4 and 5 August 2018 our project has participated in the Spraoi Festival in Waterford, invited by the people of Calmast. Fernando Blasco, Fernando Blasco, Jr. and Miquel Duran were at Hannover St. and delighted families, children and citizens with all kind of mathemagical games and introduced science concepts through use of cards, tricks, ropes, the Rubik’s Cube, and other props.

We showed a selection of games of our long-standing workshops The Magic of the Periodic Table, the Magic of Food, and the Magic of Color. Fernando Jr. carried out a great demonstration of optical properties using polarizing filters.

We met a lot of friends in the scientific community, like the Juggling Scientist, James Soper, who tought how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, Caroline Ainslie (Bubbly Maths) with her balloons and bubbles, Paul Nugent and other physicists (Physics Buskers) from the Institute of Physics Ireland, and indeed the local organizers from Calmast Waterford Outreach STEM Group: Eoin Gill, Cordula Weiss or Sheila Donegan. For three nights and two days we had plenty of time to interact and to thinks about future collaborations.

Here Fernando and Miquel are with Paul Nugent:


Here Fernando is showing the food binary trick, which is always very welcome, to kids.


Here are we in front of our booth along with xxx and yyy (wearing green t-shirts), who helped us with the large number of families, children, and visitors along Hannover St.


We loved the awesome science experiments performed by the local team (Sheila, Cordula, Eoin and their students). Likewise, Caroline’s play with bubbles and ballons was also lovely. More intriguing even was the Juggling Scientist, with his unicycle, juggling patterns and amazing props.

Thank you very much to Calmast for inviting us to such an enticing experience!

By the way, here is a very nice video on the overall Science Spraoi Festival: