The Magic of Food is a collection of activities related to our overall project The Magic of Science. Please refer also to our page on the global project: https://magsci.eu/info-in-English.

Here we use magic and illusionism in an interactive, demonstrative way, which is quite attractive and interesting for both children and youngsters. It is also relevant towards promoting a healthy nutrition. We try to educate in science while eating, i.e., to promote a healthy nutrition via magic and illusionism.

The purpose of this activity is promoting that children and youngsters know about the most basic concepts of healthy nutrition, and that they learn the basic nutritional strategies. For younger children, we carry out a qualitative approximation to nutritional components, while for teenagers and grown-ups we will use a more quantitative approach.

Moreover, we provide games related to magic and science by means of mobile apps of desktop applications, with the goal of introducing gamifying experiences in Science learning.

This activity is based and continues the experience of “The Magic of the Periodic Table” presented to Ciencia en Acción on 2014.

We have collected images from the varios events related to this activity:

La Màgia de l’Alimentació (Menjar bé és Ciència) és un conjunt d’activitats relacionades amb el projecte global de Màgia i Ciència.